About Us

Accasion Marquess is composed of a hard working family who have been working together since the 1970's. The head of the family first set up Properties Preservations with his wife and two sons in Eardisley. Through the years the family has established various businesses but Stewart the youngest son, wanted to set up a marquee company to go alongside the already existing ‘Border Loos’ portable toilet company. With the help of his parents and great family team work, Accasion Marquees kicked off in 1994. The Family settled on ‘Accasion’ marquees for two reasons. One, because Stewart can’t spell! Two, because they wanted to be top in the yellow pages! The family business grew and grew with now Stewart’s offspring involved in the running of the business. His daughter Leanne has learnt everything she needs to know from her Grandmother’s 40 years office experience. Other family members get pulled into help through the busy summer season. Some of the current staff have been working with us since 1994 and have become a part of the family.

Accasion Marquee Ltd really understand the importance of family occasions like weddings, birthdays, christenings and parties. Over the years they have developed good working relationships with regular customers and love to get to know new families. Stewart is the business director but you can never catch him in the office. He is always hands on, at the sites and running around last minute to make adjustments or bring additional equipment to satisfy his customers. He even gets Leanne on-site building the marquees, hardening up her soft office hands! Stewart has learnt to make his own Marquees and makes good use of the winter months repairing and updating the marquees and equipment.

The family and staff works endlessly to keep their customers happy and supply top quality marquees for the most competitive prices.

What we need to know

Booking a Marquee with us is simple! Just get in contact by phone or by email and we will guide you through the process from there.

We will need to know:

  • Type of Event
  • The date you have in mind
  • Where you are planning to erect the Marquee
  • How many people you are expecting

After we have received these key bits of Information, we can set to work on preparing an Itemised Estimate, to give you a foundation on which to build your Marquee from.

Marquee Size Guide

The size of the marquee depends on the number of guests. If you let us know how many guests will be at the event, we will calculate the size needed. The table below gives a rough guide but please call for an size recommendation as it varies depending on the chosen interior layouts & table sizes.

Size (meters) Size (feet) Dining Dining / Dance Floor Standing
3m x 3m 10’x10′ / / 16
3m x 6m 10’x20′ / / 32
6m x 9m 20’x30′ /′ 40 67
6m x 12m 20’x40′ 30 70 90
6m x 15m 20’x50′ 50 90 112
9m x 9m 30’x30′ / 60 100
9m x 12m 30’x40′ 50 80 135
9m x 15m 30’x50′ 70 100 168
9m x 18m 30’x60′ 90 130 202
9m x 21m 30’x70′ 110 160 236
12m x 18m 40’x60′ 110 180 270
12m x 21m 40’x70′ 130 210 315
12m x 24m 40’x80′ 160 240 360
12m x 27m 40’x90′ 190 270 405
12m x 30m 40’x100′ 220 300 450
15m x 27m 50’x90′ 230 360 506
15m x 30m 50’x100′ 270 400 562
15m x 33m 50’x110′ 310 440 618
15m x 36m 50’x120′ 350 480 674
15m x 39m 50’x130′ 390 520 730

Marquee Hire Information

  • How much room do I need for the marquee

    Accasion marquees do not have external guide (ropes) or protruding pegs so you do not need much space around the marquee and we can erect a marquee very close to a property boundary.
    We can carry out a free site visit if you have any concerns

  • What kind of surface can the marquee be set up on?

    A level surface is the best choice for setting up any marquee

    A marquee can be set up on:

    • Grass
    • Tarmac
    • Concrete
    • Terrace- (but we would recommend a site visit by our director for this to check for potential problems and advise on possibilities)

    Ideally vehicle access to the location is preferable.

  • Will the marquee damage my garden?

    If the marquee is erected on grass - the grass may be discoloured depending on the length of time the marquee is standing in the garden. The grass will return to normal over a short time. The marquee itself will cause very little damage to a garden but please feel free to ask for our advice before you make your booking.

    If the marquee is erected on tarmac - we may need to drill a few small holes - these will be filled in afterwards.

  • Do you provide tables & chairs?

    Yes we can supply the following tables and chairs as standard:


    • Banqueting chairs - Various colours and styles available
    • Folding Chairs
    • Patio tables & chairs
    • Sofas


    • Coffee tables
    • 6 ft long trestle tables - To seat 6 people
    • 4 ft long trestle tables - To seat 4 people
    • 6 ft diameter round tables - To seat 12 people
    • 5ft 6 diameter round tables - To seat 10 people
    • 5 ft diameter round tables - To seat 8 people
    • 4 ft round tables - To seat 6 people
    • 3 ft cake tables
    • Horseshoe top tables - To seat 12 people
  • How far will you travel to set up a Marquee?

    We regularly rent marquees for events in the following areas:

    • Herefordshire
    • Worcestershire
    • Gloucestershire
    • Shropshire
    • Powys
    • Mid Wales
    • West Wales
    • South Wales
    • Stafforshire
    • Forest of Dean
    • Monmouthshire
    • Devon
    • Coventry
    • Warickshire

    but we will consider travelling anywhere within Britain.

  • Can I hire a marquee at any time of the year?

    Yes we can accommodate Marquee hire at any time but we might need to arrange for the marquee to be up for a longer time around the Christmas and New Year periods to fit in around the holidays.

  • Do you also supply toilets?

    Yes we can supply the following either with your marquee or as a separate hire:

    • Single self contained units
    • Extra wide, single Disabled toilet units
    • Luxury Trailer toilets

    Electricity and water for toilets

    • Luxury toilets will need an electrical supply to power the pump.
    • Self-contained toilets will need an electrical supply for the lights if they will be used after dark.
    • Toilets do not need a water supply
  • Do I need an electric or water supply?

    You will need an electricity supply to your marquee to operate lights and heating. Electricity will also be needed if you will be using a DJ, band, sound system etc. This can be connected to the house or a building, or you could hire our generator

    If you are hiring toilets, Luxury trailer toilet units require an electrical supply to enable the pump mechanism to work and if you plan to use the single toilet units after dark, they will need an electrical supply to enable the lights to work.

    The caterers would usually need to be able to access water and electrical supplies. We can arrange this if necessary.

    Toilets are self-contained and do not need a water supply.

  • Do I need to insure the marquee whilst it is on hire?

    Yes - it is the hirers responsibility to insure the marquee as listed in the terms and conditions of Accasion Marquees Ltd

  • My event will be at a hotel. Can you co-ordinate?

    Yes we can liaise with the hotel or stately home. We regularly provide marquees at various locations such as the Maesmawr Hall Hotel and the Sweeney Hall Hotel

  • Will the marquee get hot on a summer's evening?

    The walls of the marquee can be opened if required. We will provide instructions on how to do this.

  • Do you provide heaters for the marquee?

    Yes - we provide induction heaters that are situated outside the marquee and blow warm air inside as required. Our heaters are fitted with a thermostat which will regulate the temperature inside the marquee

  • Are the marquees fire proof?

    The marquees are made of a fire retardant material, which has passed flammability testing in accordance to the Home Office requirements but as with all naked flames care must be undertaken.

  • Do I need carpeting?

    Carpeting is optional but we would recommend it to prevent higher used areas of grass becoming worn and muddy and to make it less likely that heels will sink into the ground. If your marquee is to be used on tarmac or concrete, the carpet will enhance the look of the marquee.

    We can offer a choice of standard colours and we could order in a colour of your choice if preferred at an extra cost. All carpet supplied has a waterproof underlay.

    Carpets can be laid on the grass or on a boarded flooring especially if the ground is very wet and we do also have full wooden flooring as an optional extra.

    We also hire dance floors and staging for your marquee if required..

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